Dslr Cameras Galore: Have You Found The Right One Yet?

With so many DSLR cameras, finding the right one can be quite a daunting task. With so many on offer and you will have to do thorough research to find best rated cameras ONLINE. There are host of features like auto focus, auto light / brightness adjustment, auto flash etc., there is very little that you need to know in terms of skill to click away. With hordes of help available online, you will not fret over finding the best dslr camera near me to buy.

Here is an overview of 2 of the best cameras in the market –

Canon rebel t5i

If you were to search the internet with the tag canon rebel t5i review, numerous links will pop-up. There are many authentic websites, which offer genuine insight about the products. We summarise the best features and the drawbacks of the product. This will help you decide if this is the right fit for you.

Canon rebel t5i resembles its predecessor in terms of the major features. This camera has an 18 MP resolution, uses the patented DIGIC5 processor and the external dimensions are similar to T4i. It is slightly lighter compared to the previous version. It has the same 5 FPS maximum shooting speed and offers full 1080 HD video. There is a viewfinder, basic AF system, reasonably good ISO ranges and lens compatibility. Although, there is nothing significantly different form the earlier version, it is safe to say that this camera will be well worth the money.

It offers a whole lot of positive features such as – great quality image for still photography and videography, compact design, weighs 1.8 ounces lower than its previous version, high performance media, has quick write speed. There is probably nothing in this world which does not have any drawbacks and this one too has a few. Some of them are it has a 95% viewfinder coverage which makes image framing a little bit of a problem, lacks weather sealing – may not be the ideal outdoorsy camera.

Pentax full frame camera

The pentax full frame camera came in after multiple delays. It was announced that the full frame camera would be first shipped in 2001. However, after multiple failures, Pentax finally has a full frame camera with K-1.

The K-1 which is a pentax full frame camera is considered amongst the best in its category. It offers a stable full frame sensor. The earlier attempts which failed were particularly attributed to stability issues with the sensors. Also, the pricing became too high to cater to the intended market. Pentax K-1 is aimed at semi-professional and beginner level professionals. This segment may be interested in photography but may not want to shell out too high an amount.


Both these cameras are rich in features. While canon aims to capture the professional enthusiasts, Pentax is for the semi-professionals. If you intend to choose the right one among

so manyDSLR cameras, make sure you understand the features. Buying a DSLR is an expensive affair, hence a thorough research is a must.